• Western and Central PA’s Best Orthopaedic Care

    Dr. Armstrong provides world-class orthopaedic care to patients in Central Pennsylvania and neighboring areas. When an injury to your ankle, knee, hip, or shoulder has you sidelined from doing the things you love, we can provide the high quality orthopaedic care that you need to get back in the game. Call us today to discuss your injury with Dr. Armstrong. Read More
  • Total Knee Replacement Surgery

    Getting total knee replacement surgery is not an easy decision to make. A total knee replacement is a viable option for patients that have exhausted physical therapy and medication solutions with insufficient results. Let Dr. Armstrong help you to decide the best course of action to get you back to the active lifestyle you deserve. Read More
  • Total Hip Replacement Surgery

    Total hip replacement is typically indicated for individuals with hip joint damage from arthritis or an injury. Along with rehabilitation, hip replacement can relieve pain and restore greater range of motion and function of your hip joint. Dr. Armstrong can help you determine if total hip replacement is a good option. Read More
  • Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

    Total shoulder replacement surgery can be beneficial to treat severe pain due to arthritis or injury of the shoulder joint. Arthritis can cause the normal smooth cartilage lining of the shoulder joint to erode until it is literally bone on bone, causing severe pain. Dr. Armstrong can help you decide if a total shoulder replacement will work for you. Read More
  • Sports Medicine

    West Penn Orthopaedics provides a very hands-on approach to sports medicine, and works one-on-one with athletes to help care for muscles, bones, and joints for a variety of sports, most specifically ACL and other ligament tears, Achilles and other tendon ruptures, laboral and rotator cuff tears, and meniscus and cartilage injuries. Read More
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Multiple Ligament Knee Injury

“West Penn Orthopaedics, specifically Dr. Armstrong, saved the quality of my life. After an unfortunate accident, breaking my tibia and tearing three ligaments, I was referred to Dr. Armstrong. Although there was not much hope, due to the accident that I had, Dr. Armstrong used his exceptional talent, knowledge, and skills to reconstruct my leg. Not knowing the outcome of the critical surgery that I had to undergo, I was terrified. However, with Dr. Armstrong’s utmost compassion and concern for my surgery and aftercare, I recovered above and beyond what had been expected. I believe that I would not have the full use of my leg had Dr. Armstrong not come to my rescue. Thank you Dr. Armstrong and staff at West Penn Orthopaedics for giving back to me what I thought I had lost.”

Sherry Stubbs, Brookville